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December 14 2022

New EXHIBITION TACHITASA 2023 Tachitasa Confronting Barnett Newman in Washington, D.C. will be held

We are pleased to present a record of performance of Tachitasa on September 15, 2022, at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.,USA.
The style of the exhibition is the same as that of the Exhibition Tachitasa 2017, with video screenings, photographs, and materials, but the Newman's works confronted this time are a group of 15 paintings in total. I faced the entire exhibition space, Gallery B615, East Build.
We will project large images on three walls so that visitors can experience the entire exhibition space as if they were in the entire museum. We look forward to your visit.
The report on the performance and this exhibition will be posted on this site around March.

November 28 2022

New Performance successfully completed! We report it at the exhibition.

On September 15, 2022, I performed "Tachitasa" at the National Gallery of Art, East Building. We are now preparing for the exhibition to report it. The Newman work that I confronted was a series of paintings. The feeling of being surrounded was just amazing! I was able to have a fulfilling conversation with the curators of the museum, and I got to the chance to look into valuable materials.
Exhibition Tachitasa_ 2023: January 17-28 at Ningyocho Vision's, Tokyo. Look forward to it!

September 5 2022

Going in September! Finally, I will be visiting the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C..

The title will be changed from "Tachitasa Confronting Barnett Newman in the U.S.A." to "in Washington, D.C." The schedule has finally been set.
The exhibition will be held at Ningyocho Visions Tokyo, January 17-28, 2023.
In 2023, we may be able to have an exhibition at a gallery in Washington D.C. We would like to have a thorough meeting with them.

March 17 2022

Washington, D.C., to be postponed until after this summer

The East Building of the National Gallery is currently closed through the beginning of summer, as they finalize their renovation of the glass skylights.
I will not be able to give a performance until July 10 or later. The performance will not be open to the public.

December 24 2021

Confrontation with Barnett Newman in the U.S.A. to be held in May 2022

Venue: National Gallery of Art Washington D.C., East Building, Room 615B
Works: Stations of the Cross (1958-1966, 14 paintings in series), Be II (1961/64)
I will perform an act of “Tachitasa”in the middle of the exhibition room, surrounded by a total of 15 paintings.

December 24 2021

I started Instagram Instagram

July 05 2021

Public Announcement! “Ta chi ta sa” Confronting Barnett Newman in the U.S.A.

The third step! I hope to go to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, USA, It's finally the hometown of Newman!

July 05 2021

“Ta chi ta sa” Official Website has opened

We have summerized the activities so far in a manner easy to see. I hope it will become a library-like site where you can take a leisurely look at photos and materials and read them carefully.


  • 2022

    September 15, 2022 <Washington D.C.>
    Performance and documentation at National Gallery of Art,East Building, before the museum opens.
    Tachitasa Confronting Barnett Newman in Washington D.C.
    Newman's work : The Station of the Cross(1958-66), Be II(1961/64)
  • 2023

    January 17-28, 2023 <Tokyo>
    Tachitasa Exhibition 2023 in Tokyo
    Tachitasa vs The Station of the Cross, Be II
    Tachitasa Confronting Barnett Newman in Washington D.C.
    Gallery: Ningyocho Visions https://visions.jp
    2023 <Washington D.C.>
    Tachitasa Confronting Barnett Newman (Tentative title)
    Exhibition of the past 2 works of the Confrontation series.
    - Tachitasa vs Cathedra in Amsterdam (2015)
    - Tachitasa vs Day Before One / White Fire IV in Basel (2018) * First public release
    Gallery: Transformer (a gallery in DC introduced by NGA)
    1404 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 transformerdc.org