Why does a human body apt to be Vertical like a line ?

“ Ta chi ta sa_”

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April 08 2024

New Tachitasa_ at blurborders 2023 will be uploaded.

In August 2023, participated in blurborders 2023 International performance art eXchange Ambient Friction, 4 performances to be uploaded.
The series confronting Barnett Newman is currently scheduling visits to the National Gallery in Berlin and Ottawa in 2024!

August 02 2023

Uploaded the summary of the Exhibition Tachitasa_ 2023.

This is a summary of the exhibition held in January. The exhibition view, the posted comments and writings, and the closing performance, "Disassembling the Exhibition and Standing at the Same Time," which was held on short notice. It was a hard work to report not only the performance confrontation itself with the 15 large works of art.

May 28 2023

Standing on the Painter NATSUYUKI NAKANISHI's Horizontal was held.

Open to the Public! Experimental Performance " Standing on the Painter NATSUYUKI NAKANISHI's Horizontal " was held on May 27th at the Tatsumi Hijikata, Nakanishi Natsuyuki Memorial Saruhashi Warehouse, which was the late Mr. Nakanishi's studio.
I welcomed two rock balancing artists, Ishihanashis and together we are drawing up vertical lines. Surround sound included Mr. Nakanishi's voice!