Namiko Kawamura (Naked body walk) + Takako Ihoda(Ta chi ta sa)

Bigakko Gigmenta 2006 Performance & Exhibit records 2001-2005
April 15 2006
Bigakko / Jimbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Namiko Kawamura
Namiko Kawamura
Namiko Kawamura
The "Nozaki Kouta," which she danced at the village festival as a child, was her starting point of dancing.
After experiencing the modern dance, she started to act for two hours before sunrise on the Kujukuri coast in order to get the perception of "standing" in 1974, and continued it in spring, summer, autumn and winter for three years.

In 1979, she encountered Anna Halprin. Since then, she has participated in her workshop in San Francisco two times. In 1983, she began a series of acts walking naked in nature.
Involved in children's dance education, she taught dance at Tokyo Gakugei University, a notable teacher-training institution, and nursery schools.

What happens in your body after you relax? How are you feeling now? She examines those questions in her improvisational workshops that incorporates visualization such as drawing pictures and writing words she wants to express.
Many performances and guest performances.